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Toddler 1 - Jae 0

The toddler was marginally better behaved, because, I think, her father's character was killed in the first round of the combat that took all evening, and she had his undivided attention. Unfortunately I evidently wasn't -- I wouldn't play kissy-face with her bear, for example, which resulted in her pitching a crying fit. So the GM has ejected me from the game.

Yes, I guess that's the kind of game it was. Much more about roll-playing and socializing than role-playing, and evidently much more about parenting than gaming. I'm better off without it, but I've never been thrown out of a game before. Certainly not because I don't like kids interrupting (though I've quit a game before for that reason).

I was going to quit as soon as the endless combat (carried over into the next session) was over, but was thrown out before I could. *sigh*

Rejection sucks, even when you were about to reject the rejecter. Time to find me a grownup game.


Apr. 24th, 2004 10:37 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear that, Jae. Thus far I have had decent luck playing with children present, even being something of a Method Actor, but then my friends all seem to have marvelously well-behaved children. The only exception was a friend whose twenty-something daughter behaved worse than her toddler. We had to change the day we played, so the daughter could not play any longer(saving me the chore of asking her to leave). The toddler often came to later sessions with Grandma.

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