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What's Love Got To Do With It?

I found this meme (from oneminutemonkey) interesting enough to spend a little time on. 

Sum up the opinions/reactions/attitudes of your characters towards that nebulous thing called love, in a few sentences. Elaborate if you want, or not.

I've only answered for a few of my active characters, but found it to be an intriguing exercise.  Answers behind the

Eren Willowburr (D&D, Forgotten Realms. Female teenage halfling wizard):  Love?  I dunno... I love my family, and I love my friends, but romantic stuff?  (makes ewwww face)  Maybe when I'm older.

Naiell of the Riders (D&D, Forgotten Realms.  Female evoker/spellsword, spent 7 years as a slave of the Zhents): To love someone is dangerous -- to them, and to you.  They become tools for your enemies to use to hurt you.  I'll pass.  It's tactically unsound.

Adrian Montrose (D&D, Forgotten Realms. Male Sembian rogue/mage): Woman is the sweetest fruit the gods ever put on the vine; I'd no more love just one kind of woman than drink only one kind of wine.

Amber (Sunny) (D&D, Forgotten Realms. Female priest of Sune, goddess of love and beauty): Love is the center of life, the hub from which all other things radiate.  A life without love is like a day without sun -- you can survive perfectly well, but it's so much *better* when there is love!  True love is the highest of causes, worth dying for -- but even better to live for.

Miss Evangeline Pennyworth (D&D Masque of the Red Death/RPGA Living Death. Female Archaeologist (British)): Marriage is a convention that restricts and enslaves women, and I am simply too busy to waste my time in that fashion.  (wistfully) Though I suppose it would be lovely to have the right man in my life, but I've not met him yet.

Mira Codero (Adventure! Female mystic/martial artist): My father said that love was the greatest of things, that it could raise the lowly and bring the mighty low.  He said it was the greatest of treasures, and that I cannot find it by seeking, but must await the time and place of its choosing.  His love for my mother meant so much to him, I can hardly wait for it to find me.

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