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Decisions, decisions

Welp, after much discussion when we finally got together, I decided to use Eren's wish to improve her 12 constitution score by 4 points, giving her a +3 con bonus.  At 10th level, that's 30 hp on top of her mage's 33 points -- she's nearly as tough as the party fighter now!  Adam kindly ruled that since she was training for 9th level, she could go to 1 shy of 11th level on the 23,000 xp we earned fighting shades and priests of Shar. It was, it seems, an even tougher fight than I realized!  The overage (about 5,300 xp) is banked for use when Eren makes magic items or casts spells requiring XP (Permanency is a nice spell....)  There are soooo many nice spells at 5th level.

In addition, she acquired a Staff of Power and +5 bracers.  I wish I could draw so I could produce the image of my determined little halfling (2'll") with feet firmly planted, both hands wrapped around a staff twice her size, looking like the the cat that ate the canary.  Gareth (the human priest of Mystra/Dweomerkeeper) is going to make her a glove of storing so that she can carry the staff without killing herself.

I don't usually talk about non-gaming stuff in this blog (see View From the Tower for my personal blog), but I have to mention Return of the King, which I managed to get out to see with the gaming gang.  It was magnificent, breathtaking, heart rending and very satisfying.  And... inspirational.  If Eren can be half as brave, loyal, steadfast and heroic as Samwise Gamgee, I'll be doing a good job.

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