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What to do with a wish?

I've got lots to say about my Gamer-Geek trek to California for GenconSoCal, but right now I need the help of great minds. In our Friday night home game (which I missed, alas) our characters have come into one wish each. These aren't the paltry D&D 3rd edition type wishes, but a full bore, 1st Edition AD&D type wish. A mega wish.

And I have no idea what to do with it.

Background: Forgotten Realms, D&D 3.5. The character is a 9th level, teenaged, female, halfling wizard. Eren grew up near a wild magic zone, and spent far too much time playing there. She has an afinity - no, an obsession - about all things magical. The party sometimes refers to her as the "halfling gun". The half orc or the human cleric will just pick her up and *point* her at what we want to squash, as she usually has something nifty like Scintillating Sphere, or Ice Storm up her sleeve, and she loves to blow up the bad guys.

She's jazzed about making items (first item was a wand of magic missiles), but bummed that they cost so much in terms of time, money and experience. (Player understands about game balance...)

She's just now starting to realize that good people, nice people, people she *likes* can have very bad things happen to them, and sometimes there's nothing she can do about it.

One character wants to become a half-dragon (his character worships Bahomet), another is seeking early access (about 4 levels early) to a prestige class, so it sounds like we will, to some extent, be doing power-ups. If you read my LJ, you know that I hate being un-useful, or being significantly behind the rest of the gang power-wise.

So... advice? Ideas? I got me a wish here... and thanks for any help you can provide.


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Dec. 16th, 2003 08:10 am (UTC)
My experience with 3rd ed is pitifully small, but here's a couple of ideas out of my misty past.

Generally speaking, we saved wishes for "get out of deep poodoo" situations. (Wishing ourselves and all our gear teleported back to our home plane, wishing a dead comrade back to life, etc.) If you can save it for later, perhaps as a New School more limited wish to be named later, that might be a good thing to have in your pocket.

If you want a power up, and the others are wishing for internal type things, here's a couple of ideas.

* Wings - You mentioned that you tend to get pointed at the bad guys - so wings might give you better angles of attack or get around more quickly than short halfling legs.

* Some sort of mystical power up - Maybe 1-2 Bonus Metamagic Feats, depending on how much the DM will let you get away with. Or possibly a general "I want to cast spells as if I were 1 level higher."

* Are there any plot hooks you could wish into? (Such as "I wish I knew all the details of [Evil Overlord]'s plans" or "I wish I knew where the [McGuffin] was, the best way to get there, and a detailed summary of all the obstacles on the way there.")

* If you wanted to get totally crazy, you could wish to become a Chosen of Mystra or Spellfire user, but that's something a DM might veto.
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