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Finish line in sight...

Friday night: Adam's game and we had a hard fight against a well-prepared group. Adam being the decent sort he is, he let us find a couple of useful items (including a stone that cancelled out the innate darkness from the Sharites). And good that he did, 'cause we'da been toast. Instead, we got thumped good and hard, but no one died. Well, none of *us* died.

Saturday: CARP, our local club, and Living Death, my favorite campaign to play. I was, unfortunately, in a really rotten mood due to my ongoing fiscal miseries and more pain in my knee than I'm able to comfortably bear without medication. Still, the scenario (Rose City) was engaging enough, Matt Perez did a great job of running it, and I was able to put my mood behind me and have fun. Miss Evangeline Pennyworth, Lady Archeologist, managed to sharpshoot her way to survival yet again.

As for the rest of the weekend... edit, edit, edit. The Way of the Force is off to my Renton Masters. One more to go for Winter Fantasy (The Dark Side Beckons) and then only three more (Night's Friend, Night's Homecoming and For Fun and Profit), till I can catch my breath and maybe see a movie.

Ghaaa. Off to California Wednesday afternoon. Down side - 3 days lost pay. Up side, a free trip to California to Gencon, which is bound to be fun.

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