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B-Movie Card game and other Non-rpg obsessions

Grave Robbers from outer spaceI've been a fanatical consumer of (and proselytizer for) Z-Man Games B-Movie card game since I discovered it years ago. I'm not a big card player, but this is fast and fun.  The objective is to "build" a b-movie while emptying your hand, before someone plays the "roll credits" card.  What makes this fun is that you attack each others movies (sabotage is your friend!), and the cards are absolutely hysterical.  It's de rigeur to read the card when you play it.  Last year I gave all of my closest friends decks for Christmas.

Each deck is a send-up of a different genre, and Skippy the Wonder Dog appears in every deck.  (As does - Is that a tentacle?).  I ordered the latest release, Silent But Deadly NIght, sight unseen, though I was a little troubled that it cost more than any of the other decks had*.

Silent but deadly nightIt arrived yesterday, and now I see why it's a little more.  Besides the usual two packs of cards and instructions, it's packed in a custom holiday tin, with a tiny plush "Skippy the Wonder Dog" ornament.

Guess what' I'm taking to the New Year's Party (along with the Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog DVD, of course).

*Point of reference - the decks are:
  •      Grave Robbers From Outer Space (2001)
  •      Cannibal Pygmies in the Jungle of Doom (2002)
  •      Kung Fu Samurai on Giant Robot Island (2003)
  •      Grave Robbers from Outer Space 2: Skippy's Revenge (2003)
  •      Bell-Bottomed Badassses on the Mean Streets of Funk (2004)
  •      Berserker Halflings from the Dungeon of Dragons (2005)
  •      Scurvy Musketeers of the Spanish Main (2006)
  •      Bushwhackin' Varmints out of Sergio's Butte (2007)
  •      Silent But Deadly Night (2008)

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