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4th Edition D&D Short Intro Adventure

searchingWho would have thought that a major gaming company would fail to provide free, short intro adventures for their big new product?  I mean, seriously, you want to hook people into your game, you give them something their first level characters can dip their toes in, right? 

Oh, wait... we're talking about WotC, aren't we?


Okay, here's my problem.  I've been blithely assuming such a thing exists and scheduled a "make a character and play" session for this weekend.  Saturday, to be precise.  And now that I've lined people up... no adventure.  *head*desk*head*desk*.

And so, I come to you, my brilliant, connected, GAMER friends, to see if any of YOU have something I might be able to use.  I've got a 4 hour slot, probably half of which will be character building.  I just need an itty bitty demo that will showcase a little of what makes 4th Ed D&D interesting enough to play again.

:: looks around hopefully ::

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