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Gencon 2008 Schedule

Here (very briefly) is my Gencon schedule. It's in flux, as I wasn't anticipating being on the Blackmoor staff as of Gencon so I hadn't signed up to run at all. Now I'm Plot Coordinator (at least for the moment) and the campaign horribly short of judges for Gencon.  I feel I have an obligation to run as much as I can.

On the other hand, I *need* to have my first slot in the morning off as much as possible, because I'm just too darned old to go on less than 5 hours sleep for more than a day.  Nor am I willing to give up the stuff I have tickets for, as each and every one is something I'm dying to play.  There are some holes in my schedule though, that I'd left open to hang with friends or pick up a game, so those I can fill with Blackmoor.  I'm willing to run any of the intros at the drop of a hat, and a fair number of the rest of the library.  I suck as a tactical/combat judge, so I won't run the high level/high combat mods that have become the staple of the campaign over the past year.  Fortunately that still leaves quite a few modules.

I'll update here as I get new information.

  • Play  8/14 Thurs 9 am Chill "Whatever happened to Chester Brown?" (RPG00079)
  • Play  8/14 Thursday 2 pm Supernatural "Seeds of Chaos" (RPG00251)
  • Run  8/14 Thursday 7 pm Colonial Gothic "Bonestown" (RPG00251)
  • Run  8/15 Friday 1 pm StarMage Prophecies SMP01-06 "Rat Queen's Bane" (RPG01680)
  • Play  8/15 Friday 6 pm Trail of Cthulhu "Incident at Killgul Island" (RPG01515)
  • Run  8/16 Saturday 9 am  Blackmoor "Welcome to Blackmoor"
  • Play  8/16 Saturday 2 pm The Dresden Files (RPG01536)
  • Run  8/16 Saturday 7 pm  Blackmoor "Welcome to Blackmoor"
  • Run  8/17 Sunday 11 am Cat "Home Alone" (RPG01887)

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