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Origins Schedule 2008

Hrmpfh. I'd intended to play more and GM less this year, and here I am running 6 slots. And playing 2. To be fair, I've kept the first slot open almost every day, so that my poor elderly self can stay out drinking at the end of the day, sleep in a little and spend a couple of hours in the dealer's room.

Part of it isn't my fault - the StarMage creator found that the cheapest air ticket he could get was $1000. That's an awful lot of moolah when there were only half a dozen people signed up over all of the slots. So, I picked up the slots where there were tickets purchased and we canceled the rest. Unfortunately, two of those fell over games I was going to play. Ah, well... In addition, I'm now Plot Coordinator for Blackmoor, so it seemed to me that I really have to be willing to run at least a couple of slots to help the cause. I would always rather be on staff at LARPs than attending, so I volunteered for the WitchHunter Interactive. And, of course, I started the whole thing by deciding to run a scenario for Colonial Gothic (which sold out the first day, I'm happy to say).

Yup, there's where my Origins went... I'll need to find someone to buy the tickets for two games that I don't need any more.

And mind you, I do enjoy running these games, or I wouldn't have said yes. I just didn't realize I was going to be running so many slots...

Jae's Origins Schedule
Run 6/25/08 7:00 PM Colonial Gothic - Bonestown
Run 6/26/08 1:00 PM Blackmoor Intro Archive
Run 6/26/08 7:00 PM VH:DP LARP - Celebration of Innocence
Run 6/27/08 8:00 AM Blackmoor Intro Archive
Run 6/27/08 1:00 PM SMP Market Mayhem
Play 6/27/08 7:00 PM WH:DP 1-14 Fair Trade
Play 6/28/08 1:00 PM FWS-A109: The Rock
Run 6/28/08 7:00 PM SMP01-06 Rat Queen's Bane
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