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Setting priorities

I spent most of the last week (evenings) and pretty much all of the weekend playing City of Heroes. I'm starting to wonder if my addictive personality is having a wee bit of a problem here... I have a boatload of stuff to get done before Origins, so I'm going to cut myself off from CoH for a couple of weeks to get it all done.

Dang, but it's fun!  I love the character creator, while I still yearn for even MORE options for clothing, faces, and in particular footgear for female characters.  There are not enough "shoe" choices, imho, or body shape options.  I tried to make a toon that looks somewhat like me, and simply couldn't make one fat and dumpy enough.  It's more like me after a successful weight loss regimen, though my chum Philsie did observe that she has a "big butt", so I guess I got in the general neighborhood.  I wish we had all of the costume tools that they have for the NPCs, like tie-died t-shirts and middle-aged spread.  And more than 3 kinds of women's shoes.

Game play continues to hold my interest because they keep making changes and improvements.  I'm *not* a hard core gamer, and my reaction time is pretty slow. I appreciate that I can still play the game (even if I do spend a lot of time running into walls and corners) and be a useful part of a team.

I like the team/hang out with your friends aspect the most.  I can spend the evening with dear friends who are far away, beating up bad guys (or good guys in City of Villains), chatting on Skype and generally basking in camaraderie.  I'd say that's why I've been playing so much, except that I've also spent a lot of time playing solo.

It's also a good avoidance tool -- and I don't really need more of those. It's soooo easy to fire it up and play on the laptop....

So, I'm cutting myself off for a couple of weeks.  With any luck it'll be like my off and on relationship with coffee.  I love coffee, I even need it, but since the last time I broke the caffeine addiction I can take it or leave it.  Ideally I'll be able to go back to playing CoH a couple of times a week like before.

But first... man, have I got a lot to do in the 2 weeks before Origins!
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