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Holiday Weekend Gaming Content

It was a light weekend for the activity of gaming. Friday's game was cancelled due to the Adam (the GM) and his brother (one of the players) going home for Thanksgiving. Which was, it turned out, a good thing for me.

I love the Friday night game. Even though it's D&D (which I can take or leave), the story is good and the characters mesh just beautifully. Our motto is: Teamwork, Magic and Luck. It is, in short, everything I want a home campaign to be. Thus, I really hate to miss it. I fall behind in EXP, and I miss being part of the story.

On t'other hand, another campaign I play in (this one RPGA's Living Death campaign), is run by a dear friend of mine in Springfield OH (about 4.5 hours from my house). She'll run playtest of a Saturday, and I enjoy participating in those as well. So... I'll finish Adam's game around 1 am, and then drive through the night to Claire's, falling face down in the guest room around 6:30 or 7. Then I get up at 9 and play all day.

I'm really getting to old for this...

Well, this weekend I'd promised to run Ed & his pals through a Living Force trilogy way back in September, as was finally paying up. Thus, the cancellation of the Friday festivities meant I had a reasonable amount of sleep before I headed out to Dayton around 5 am. Then I ran till about 9:30 pm and crashed there for the night.

On Thursday and Friday I put two LF scenarios (much overdue) to bed, and got a good start on a third on Sunday. Friday I had a nice working dinner with my Metagaming lead. So... while I didn't play or run much this weekend, there's no question that my long holiday weekend was chock full of gaming goodness.

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