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For my friend Phil

Whenever something odd or unusual (for us) happens in our D&D game, Phil will trot out a favorite phrase... It goes something like this.

Chauncey and Edgar are elves, with old-school-tie accents.

Edgar says... "That's not something you see every day, Chauncey."
Chauncey says... "What's that, Edgar?"
Edgar says...
"A half orc waving bye bye."
"A glowing halfling riding a priest."
"A half orc in braids and satin pants."
(you get the idea - fill in the blank)

When I saw these cats, I had to caption them in honor of Chauncey and Edgar.

Edit:  Unable... to... resist... obscure... reference...  Ask if you really want the story.
Tags: campaign stories, lolcats, movie quotes
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