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Weekend Gaming Plans

With the holidays behind us and the weather (possibly) calming down, I'm looking toward a fairly standard gaming weekend.

Tonight I finish editing a module for Blackmoor.  This one has been a real challenge, requiring some major surgery to get a plot flow that makes sense.  Sleep is for the weak.

Saturday and Sunday are a CARP game weekend, and I'm running both WitchHunter and Fellowship of the White Star while others run Blackmoor.  I'm really losing my taste for running D&D, especially as we hit a patch of Blackmoor modules that are, shall we say, more strategically oriented than I enjoy.

WitchHunter, on the other hand, has a very fast, very cinematic system, and the judges are empowered to let the players be as cinematic and flashy as they want.  Mind you, they don't always succeed, but at least they can try!  Both WitchHunter and FWS are historical horror, with WH set in 1689 and FWS in 1904.  FWS is D&D based, but is more investigative than combat oriented, so I enjoy that as well. 

And it almost goes without saying that I'm all about the horror...

Saturday evening, weather willing, we'll be back in Damara in the Forgotten Realms, if any of us can remember what it was we were doing... of course, there's always the trouble my swashbuckler can get into with her new lightsaber... er... artifact-empowered-semi-psionic rapier.  :: chuckle ::
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