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For the most part, seasonal but inconvenient snowstorms put a serious cramp in my gaming plans.  Our home Arcanis game failed to save vs. our schedules (and that the GM and one player attend school out of state and are only here for the winter break).  I did run my Chill campaign twice, with much curtailed attendance (due to player reproduction, rather than school or snow).  (congrats to Erika & Jason on the birth of Carl August Nichols!)

bloody roseThe big gaming event, for me, was running the finales of the Living Death campaign for CARP.  I wore the t-shirt I'd bought at the beginning of the campaign to run the final chapter.  It seemed only fitting.

The campaign lasted ten glorious - and terrifying - years.  I played it at the premiere, and my remaining high level character, Miss Evangeline Pennyworth, expired at the official finale at Winter Fantasy (er, the DNDXperience) last winter.  I was sad then, but it was somewhat lightened by the knowledge that I'd be running modules for the club for the next year.  Now, alas, it is over.  I ran six characters (3 deaths) to a very satisfying conclusion on Monday, and there were no dry eyes at the table as I read the final text through tear-blurred vision.  The ending was right and proper, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  All campaigns should end when the story is well and truly told, the villains banished for all time and the heroes - bloody and weary, but not beaten - victorious in the end.

Countess Ivanova Buddy Burgess, Watchmaker  Alphonse Rene Sabine
The French Waiter
Miss Evangeline Pennyworth
Lady Archaeologist
Died: Roman Holiday, Death of KingsDied: Tomb of JadeDied: Summer of Evil, Night in ShanghaiDied: Defiance
Countess IvanovaSteve BuscemiAlphonse

Adieu, Living Death.  I shall miss you and all the pleasure you've brought me over the years.
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