Jae Walker (jaegamer) wrote,
Jae Walker

Non-Gaming Jae Status Update

Sunday, madwoman that I am, I decided to brave the worst blizzard since 1948 and drive to Toronto for the birthday of a sick friend. I had quite an adventure, involving me getting lost (as usual), the brakes going out in my car and the kindness of my beloved friends (and many strangers - it's true what they say about Canadians being very nice people, in my recent experience). I finally arrived back home Tuesday night (3 days in the same clothes... ugh).

I intend to blog at length with pictures about my Canadian adventure over at my "life" blog, but that may be a couple of days. Meantime, I just wanted to let everyone know I'm safe at home and feeling incredibly blessed by the quality of the people who choose to call me friend.

Canada's wonderful, but I'm really happy to be home again.
Tags: travel
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