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Is it possible to game too much?

Of course it is. And... I'm afraid I've reached and/or exceeded that. Lessee...

  • Friday was Adam's home campaign. Always fun, but I was off my game...

  • Saturday was Waterdeep Chronicles CARP's home campaign, where I was theoretically supposed to run. (It was a home football game day, though, so attendance was low.)

  • Saturday evening, I played Living Dragonstar online. The company was great, but I really felt it was a waste of six or so hours of my life (at least, until the ending, which was relatively satisfying). My chums helped me power-up my cleric so that he'll be less useless in the future. (I hates being useless, yet I persist in playing clerics, who are at best support characters.)

  • Sunday I wrote all day, mostly finishing a scenario for Living Force, the RPGA campaign that I run.

  • Monday I ran an online session of Living Force for a group of judges for Gencon SoCal. Till 2 am, no less (most of 'em are in California, after all). I'm tickled that people like the campaign so much that they hate to "eat" a scenario (run it without having had a chance to play it), but dang... where am I to get the time?

  • Tuesday (tonight) is Rick's Adventure! game. I'm looking forward to it, but where am I gonna find the time I need to get Excursion finished and Recursion, Night's Friend, Night's Homecoming, Padawannabes and Way of the Force edited? 'cause those all need to be done by Dec 1st.

Yup. Too much gaming. Nowhere in there do I see anything resembling a normal life...

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