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GM's Day

Now, that's a holiday I can get behind. spunkart over in the gmworkshop community, tried to get this going in EN World a while back, and it sounds like a nifty idea to me. Here's the initial entry, for your edification.
March Fourth for GM's Day!! This is inspired by the "Pay to play" thread...
It's clear that many out there don't feel appreciated, and clearer still that many players don't appreciate the amount of work their GM's are putting into their games*. So what I propose is GM'S DAY
GM's day is the day the gaming community would celebrate all the hard work our GM's do for us. It would be like Mother's day or Father's day, and give us all the chance to pamper our GM.
Maybe we could run a game for them as well!**
Of course, it would get all commercialised, and gaming stores would put ads up like "What are YOU getting your GM this GM's day?" and we would all end up spending lots of money, but that all comes later. What we need now is to pick a date!
All the good ones are taken of course (December 25, April 1, Feb 14th, October 31st) so we all we have left is the also ran dates...
Any suggestions? Which date would be the perfect GM's Day, and why?
Okay, we have a date - March 4th. Now all we have to do is make it happen.
*This is not true of all players and GM's of course. Some Players are very appreciative, and some GM's seem to be getting veneration(!), but you get my drift...
** Oh for all those players out there saying "What about Player's day?" - to paraphase my parents - Every day is Player's Day
Edit: to confirm the date. __________________
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Feb. 10th, 2005 08:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I have further propogated the information.
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