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Let's Pretend

Gaming is a microcosm of life. Certainly much of my life seems to revolve around gaming! I don't think it's that I lack opportunities to have "a life", either -- I've made the choice over the years to play or run roleplaying games whenever I can.

I suppose it could be a way of avoiding Real Life; certainly the issues my imaginary selves face are more entertaining than the depressing grind of day to day living. And yet... I don't think *avoidance* is really the right term. It's much more that I embrace gaming; it's something I look forward to and really enjoy. It might still be escapism, but it's not avoidance. I think...

I started gaming in the mid 80's with a group of mostly younger folks. I missed the first wave in 1975 when the Chainmail rules came out -- I was too busy being an idiot and graduating from college in 3 years to have time to explore this interesting-sounding thing. I still have my red and blue boxed Dungeons & Dragons sets, though, and some of the dice that you had to color in with white or black crayons.

Hmmm... reflecting (and reflection is something I am terrible at), I think it's the roleplaying that's in my blood. My ex and I used to roleplay all of the time, without need or benefit of any rules. Unfortunately said ex wasn't interested in the more structured environment of games, and that difference in interests is probably one of the things that caused us to eventually grow apart.

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