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Something More Like Fun

Over the holiday (which was somewhat gaming parched), I played another Living Dragonstar scenario, and it was everything that its sibling wasn't.  While the story was fairly linear, I felt that we had some flexibility to be creative in how we resolved the story's issues.  I think my favorite moment was when my mostly-non-combatant/support character (a retired combat medic, now a priest of the Father) confronted the minions of the Big Bad (lizardmen, essentially). 

"I am a powerful shaman, and if you don't bring us our missing friend, I will have to hurt you."  (holding out a "tangle" grenade).  GM says: roll intimidate -- dicebot (for once!) is my friend and a 20 comes up.  The lizardmen quiver, shake, wet themselves and flee in terror...

:: chuckle :: Aiden may never get over himself after that one...

In other play... our Friday night home campaign met again after our holiday break (withdrawal, major withdrawal), and the GM did something that I found very interesting.  He presented us each with a survey, asking questions about what we like, dislike, want more of, want less of, etc.  I found it hard to answer, because I'm so essentially happy with the campaign.  Still, I thought it was a courageous move on his part, and it only cements my respect for him as a GM.

On the down/depressing side, the Tuesday night Adventure! game is cancelled on accounta Real Life(tm).  *sigh*  Rick's a great GM and our last session rocked... but they changed his hours at work, and with players all over the country there really isn't a time when he could run it for us and still be able to function at work. At least he hasn't been off-shored yet, and maybe we'll be able to do something via PBEM.  But I'll miss it -- I was just starting to feel like I had some connections to some of the other characters.

It is a hobby, though, and Real Life(tm) still gets to take priority.

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