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Paper Pulp Places

I'm a fool for pretty paper stuff you can cut out and use in your games, but I run very little fantasy. Most of my games are either contemporary horror or science fiction, so I've pretty much been out of luck. But, no more! A wonderful, crazy company called Studio 33 has done a whole city (it sounds like) suitable for pulp, modern or gritty sf future.  No idea as yet as to the price.

(here follows a shameless commercial plug for some people I know nothing about...) Available now from TVAG (the Virtual Armchair General) is the first city block offering of a card stock city for gangster games, P.I., pulp era games, and urban skirmishes set in the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's era. The first block offers a Dillonesque movie theater, a burly-Q, Sbabaro's Funeral Parlor (home of most of Chicago's gangland funerals), apartment houses, restaurant, barbershop, newstand, streets, alleys and sidewalks in 28mm scale. All done with photographic textures that make you want to touch them to see if the bricks are rough to the fingers. The preview is up at the TVAG website: http://fauxtoys.com/tvag/600-Mean-Streets-Photo-Page.html

Mean Streets will be a set of eighteen 10" square, full color, heavy card stock Block Sections in 1:60 scale (28mm), four of which may be  fitted into a standardized Full Block of 47" length and 14" width (including a central alley and sidewalks all around). Each Block Section will be sold separately, as will a selection of street surfaces and sidewalks for those wishing to create the maximum variety or a particular look to their own layouts.

Woah. Cool.


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Feb. 1st, 2005 03:24 pm (UTC)
Friggin' sweet!
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